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About Us

We help small to medium sized businesses plan and implement leading technology solutions from Microsoft. We work closely with our customers to understand their vision and concerns. From this understanding, we build detailed project plans, software implementation strategies and support programs that echo their business practices and needs.

What sets us apart from the typical consulting firm is simple; our desire to see our customers succeed. We don't seek to turn every project into the proverbial “cash cow” or sell technology that looks brilliant today but will fail tomorrow. Instead, we find success helping implement business solutions using the most appropriate technology, not the most expensive.

We aim for your business software to be self sufficient, so that years from now your technology is still up and running, and growing your business.

Our staff at CodeRight Inc. are passionate software developers, and business automation experts who constantly seek the latest software architecture and technology. They teach, write, and implement what they learn. What better way to spend your day than to work with smart friendly people who love what they do!

Company History

CodeRight Inc was founded in September 2007. We travel the world to provide business with the best practices in cloud based business solutions.

"I worked with the CodeRight team from 2009 until my retirement on May 15th 2016. During that time, we worked through issues of imaginable magnitude to the success of our company. I am forever indebted to CodeRight for their guidance and expertise. I truly appreciate their push to make us self-sufficient and listen for our actual needs, especially when we didn’t know them ourselves. I highly recommend the CodeRight team as a technology services provider that is looking out for your best interests.

If you have specific questions on CodeRight’s qualifications and expertise, please feel free to reach out to me at: or call me at (715) 235-6679 and we can have an in-depth conversation around their skills and qualifications to be your technology services provider"


John Verdon

Former COO of eXtremeCRM


Registered Partner
Authorized Partner

"CodeRight readily understood our needs for better business user training and web management, resulting in our new dynamic website. CodeRight removed the technical complexities of the previous implementation so that our non-technical staff could self manage web content. Now we communicate to our member community quickly and cost effectively."

Sandy Lamplough

Vice President, iBranch,

Member Care Center

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